my name is riel sturchio, a jack-of-many-trades who loves collaborating and working with like-minded folks. i especially love working for small, local, and independent companies, artists, and businesses.

I'm originally from Portland, ME & now live in Austin, TX.

i want to be the one who creates your innovative, exciting, and thoughtful designs, brands, logos, photographs and videos!

how can i help you ? 

i create / do: custom logos, graphic design (posters, banners, social media, e-mail blasts), custom illustrations, video editing, music videos, film & digital photography, brand identity, sound editing, headshots, CD/LP design, t-shirt design + more!

let's do this ! 

do you have a logo, an LP, a CD cover, a book, or brand that you need help creating, re-imagining, or manifesting? please reach out. I want to help make ~your vision come to life.

need something else? throw me an email (, I bet I can help!

what else ?

when i'm not designing, i'm teaching film photography, creative writing, practicing my ~yoga, and working on my personal fine art ! 

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